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As a family owned and operated appliance repair company, A Better Appliance Repair, has been dedicated to providing honesty & integrity with all of our services. Chandler appliance repair providing appliance service to most of the east valley. Proud of our footprint that continues to grow with all of our amazing customers and their reviews.

We take pride in helping our customers every time they call to schedule an appliance repair. Justin, the owner and operating service technician is passionate about problem solving and communication. He enjoys hands on technical work and appliance repair allows him to help people and do what he loves at the same time.

We are a mobile appliance repair service company only. We come to you every time.


Gas or electric oven, we offer repairs on both. Wether it is a common problem like not holding proper temperature or your burners aren't working, we are very knowledgable and do what it takes to get it working properly wile saving you from unnecessary repairs.


We understand how important you refrigerator working properly is. No one wants to throw out the food we just bought. Common issues we come across is the ice maker, internal temperature or water not dispensing. Whatever the issue, We are here to resolve the issue as quick as possible.


Wether your dishwasher isn't drying or cleaning properly or it has a leak etc., we can help. Dishwasher repair is usually more economic than the alternative to replace. Appliances and installation costs continue to rise. Let us help you get back to not washing dishes by hand.


Who doesn't use the microwave often. When it stops heating, no power, running when you open the door it can be scary. Microwave repair can be dangerous and we are qualified and trained to fix the issue safely so your family can get back to heating stuff up on the fly.


Maybe a burner isn't igniting or sparking. Maybe it takes a while to start a burner. We service both gas and electric cooktops. Usually it is a simple resolution and might just need to be cleaned. Regardless of the issue we are here to help you get back to cooking for you or your family as soon as possible.


If your freezer isn't holding temperature it is time to have it looked at by a professional. Let a Trained professional take a look so it is back to running properly in a timely manner. No one wants to loose food and we don't want you to either.


Common washer issues include not draining, off balance, leaking, not filling, not spinning, not filling and more. We need our washers and repairing them is usually better than replacing them. Could be a simple fix and we are highly trained to resolve the issue big or small.


Wether your dryer is gas or electric, we got you covered. common issues could be the dryer not heating, not starting, noisy etc. We are here to help so you can get back to doing laundry. Clothes pile up quickly so let us help you get your unit working properly again.